Detailed Betika Jackpot Tips & Predictions This Weekend

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Here is the best detailed Betika jackpot tips & predictions for this weekend and they are absolutely free. These tips are specifically for the Betika Grand Jackpot worth Ksh. 100 million and which offers the best jackpot bonuses in Kenya for 13, 14, 15 and 16 correct predictions.

This free version may however not have all the 17 predictions because that is reserved for the VIP Betika Jackpot predictions members who pay Ksh. 250 to 0700926210.


Jackot amount: Ksh. 100m

Number of Matches: 17

Stake amount: 60 (including Excise Duty)

Autopick: Available

Betika Paybill number: 290290

Expiry: 15th Feb 2020 at 22:00hrs


Without much ado, below are the 17 jackpot games in the Betika Grand Jackpot this weekend:

15-Feb-20 10:00:00 PM | Nimes Vs Angers 15-Feb-20 10:00:00 PM | Toulouse Vs Nice 15-Feb-20 10:00:00 PM | Oostende Vs Kortrijk 15-Feb-20 10:30:00 PM | Kv Mechelen Vs Anderlecht 15-Feb-20 11:00:00 PM | Granada Vs Valladolid 15-Feb-20 11:30:00 PM | Rio Ave Vs Sporting 16-Feb-20 2:00:00 PM | Udinese Vs Hellas Verona 16-Feb-20 4:00:00 PM | Leganes Vs Betis 16-Feb-20 5:00:00 PM | Sampdoria Vs Fiorentina 16-Feb-20 6:00:00 PM | Eibar Vs Real Sociedad 16-Feb-20 7:00:00 PM | Reims Vs Rennes 16-Feb-20 7:00:00 PM | Brest Vs St. Etienne 16-Feb-20 8:00:00 PM | Mainz Vs Schalke 04 16-Feb-20 8:00:00 PM | Genk Vs Standard Liege 16-Feb-20 8:30:00 PM | V. Guimaraes Vs Porto 16-Feb-20 10:45:00 PM | Lazio Vs Inter 16-Feb-20 11:00:00 PM | Lille Vs Marseille

Nimes Vs Angers Prediction

Although both teams have scored 24 goals each this season, Nimes has conceded 5 more goals than Angers. This is the reason Nimes lags 4 positions behind Angers on the French Ligue 1. At position 14, Angers have accumulated 30 points while their hosts have 24 points from a similar number of matches and are ranked 18th on the French Ligue 1.

Of importance however, is that Angers have lost 4 matches in a row showing a steep decline in their current form.

After beating Rouen on 19th January, Angers have lost to Rennes (4-5), Reims (1-4), Monaco (1-0) and Lille (0-2). Therefore, as they head to Stade des Costieres this weekend for the very first Betika Jackpot match, they may face a charged up squad (Nimes) ready to capitalize on their weak current form.

Conversely, Angers are gearing up to record their first win in 6 matches and will not be willing to let this chance of playing a weaker team pass them.

The Betika jackpot prediction for this game is a win for Angers.

Toulouse Vs Nice Prediction

What comes to mind when you see a team that has not won any of their last 14 games? Do you even think such a team exists in the French Ligue 1? Well, that team is Toulouse and they are, not surprisingly, at the very bottom of the league table.

Toulouse fans at Stadium de Toulouse will therefore wait patiently for this match against Nice to see if they can redeem themselves by recording the first win in 15 games. I believe you already made your prediction that Toulouse will lose again. Well, there is surprise intelligence for you. When playing at home, even at their lowest moments, Toulouse have not lost to Nice in their last 3 encounters. In fact, Toulouse have won all but 2 of the last 6 head to head matches against Nice since 2018.

Even though Toulouse have a terrible form, their history against Nice will work for them this time in terms of confidence boost. In any case Nice have only won 1 of their last 5 games recently. Their current form is has not much to write home about. Who cares that they are 9 positions better than Toulouse, all we know they both have terrible forms and Toulouse happens to have a worse form.

The sure bet prediction for this game is a win for Toulouse.

Oostende Vs Kortrijk Prediction

Historically, Oostende has a huge disadvantage against Kortrijk. The latter has won the majority of the past head to head matches with Oostende. They also have a huge goal advantage, predictably.

Even in recent First Division A matches, Kortrijk has scored 8 more goals and conceded 8 less goals than Oostende. Both teams have won only 1 game in their last 6 games in the Belgium's First Division A league.

Surebet experts have tried to look at any advantage Oostende might have against Kortrijk in this upcoming Betika jackpot game and found none apart from playing at home. If you have seen any other let us know in the comment section.

This game is most likely to end with a win for Kortrijk.

Kv Mechelen Vs Anderlecht Prediction

KV Mechelin have lost 5 matches in a row, leading to Anderlecht to catch up with them with 34 points. Desinte having a similar number of points, Mechelin clearly has scored far more goals and conceded reasonably more goals than Anderlecht.

Mechelin is therefore the stronger team that lacks a good defence while Anderlecht is the weaker team with a better defense.

It is worthy noting that 3 of the last 6 head to head matches between these teams ended in draws. The other 3 also came close to drawing, showing how leveled out these teams really are.

Before drawing your conclusion that this game is bound to end in a draw, remember the terrible form Mechelin are. They are most likely demoralized and will not present a surprise if they lose the sixth match in a row.

The surebet team has predicted a win for Mechelin in this Betika jackpot game.

Granada Vs Valladolid Prediction

A tale of two teams with different forms based on the ground. That is what this match epitomizes. When playing at home, Granada has not lost to Valladolid in thier last 3 games. In fact, the last time Valladolid won against Granada while laying away was in 2010.

If that does not make this game special, then nothing will. Granada actually have a good home form, historically. For instane, they have won their last 3 LaLiga matches in a row.

Granada are currently placed 10th on the LaLiga table with 30 points from 23 matches.

Valladolid are currently 15th with 26 points showing despite the numbers, they are not far behind Granada.

Having conceded fewer goals than Granada this season, Valladolid clearly have a good defence. Charged with the importance of winning this game and record the first win against home playing Granada since 2010, Valladolid are the likely winners of this game.

Rio Ave Vs Sporting Prediction

These Portuguese Primera Liga teams will face off at Estadio dos Arcos this weekend in the lat Betika jackpot match that will play on Saturday the 15th.

Rio Ave have shown great improvement this season and their performance graph is on an upward trajectory. This is so because last season at a time like this they were at position 10 compare to the 5th place they have deservedly claimed in the Premeira Liga this season.

The problem is that they will be facing the 3rd placed Sporting coached by tactician Coach Silas.

It will only take a win in this match for Rio Ave to dislodge their hosts as the 3rd plaed team on the league table. That is what makes Rio Ave charged.Playing at home is another important fator for Rio.

Sorting, however a strong team to behold, have lost twice to Braga recently when playing away. This puts their current away form into question.

Rio Ave have the most to gain in winning this game and all conditions seem to favor them. The sure bet prediction for this game is a win for Rio Ave.

Udinese Vs Hellas Verona Prediction

Udinese seeks to distance themselves from the relegation zone after playing 6 matches in a row without winning. At position 15 with 25 points from 23 games, they are seeking their first win in 6 games to release their frustrations.

Hellas Verona on the other hand are basking in glory having lost none of their last 8 games. consequently, Verona is ranked 6th on the Serie A with 34 points from 23 games.

A trend that is quite visible for Verona, however, is that they keep registering draws. They have drawn 3 times in their last 6 Serie A matches. Drawing is a very common manifestation for team with balanced striking and defence.

Udinese, on the other hand, have scored few goals and conceded many goals this season leading to a massive negative goal difference of -16.

The Betika jackpot prediction for this game is available to the VIPmembers.

Remember, VIP members receive all the 1 games predictions on their phones as text and thier work is just to forward to betika to place their bets.

To become a member simply send Ksh. 250 to 0700926210.



The pattern is quite interesting and is a good sign of a winning prediction.



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