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Not long ago one of Surebet's clients identified me on the pass way and was kind enough to stop me on the subway and greet me. Then after a few pleasantries he asked me a question seemingly from nowhere." How do I win football bets everyday?"

The look on his eyes meant business. His eyes were sparkling with expectation as if about to receive a life-changing piece of knowledge, and he was right.The young man called Henry looked me straight in the eye and added, "Sir, I would like to become a successful gambler but I don't know how. Kindly help me become like you"

"Where there is a will there is a way" I told him. "But honestly I can not answer your question well here on the street." I added.

I took the chaps address and promised to email him his answer because it was not a simple straight forward answer.That is the reason I wrote this article to help other wannabe gamblers and upcoming punters know how to make real money through football betting. I believe you are one of them and the strategies I have listed below are going to be of help to you as well.


First things first, Football betting is the activity of placing bets, or wagers on possible football matches' outcomes and expecting to win some money if the predictions are right. The bets are normally placed on the websites of the bookmaker such as Bwin, Sportpesa, 1x2 bet Bet 365 and so on. The bookmakers usually assign different possible outcomes odds, which are basically the inverse of the probabilities of those outcomes coming true.

Back to the main topic of how to win football bets every day, the following 10 strategies are essential in your bid. You might not have to apply all of them at once but adopting a majority of them will definitely pay off.


First of all you will have to invest your resources such as time in earning your sport in and out. Since you are interested in football betting, ensure you learn as much about football as you can. Football is the most popular sport in the world and there are no shortage of learning materials to read both online and offline. You might want to learn some of the following things about football:

There are unlimited number of options you can choose from when placing a bet for a football match. On betting sites managed by bookmakers, the available options differ from match to match. There are however those common ones that are listed for almost every game.

Screenshot showing various football betting markets

These different betting markets carry differing risks and profitability tags. There are some that are risky yet very profitable. There are those that carry less risk but have relatively higher odds. And there are those football betting markets which have options such as partial refunds in case you lose a bet if certain conditions are met.

If you are a person who is really interested to win bets every time then you need to read and understand the following 10 football betting tips. I learnt them from various sources and have been using them for a while. Honestly, my profits from betting have been rising steadily. The regular losses I used to make before are not there. At least these days, even though I lose sometimes, I never lose consecutively to the demise of my bankroll.

Without much ado, let us dive in and see those magic betting tips.

1. Home advantage is real

Surebet’s analysis of 3121 teams across 45 leagues from different parts of the world found that the average number of goals scored by teams playing at home was 1.4 while the average number of goals scored by away teams was 1.1. The difference might look small but the effects are far reaching. When it comes to winning or losing, home teams showed that they are twice as likely to win compared to away teams on average.

This therefore should help you be wary of betting on away teams even when they are significantly stronger than the home team. It is very common to see weaker home teams winning against mightier away teams. We once carried out an experiment of consistently betting on the weaker team when they play at home. We chose odds which were equal to or equal to 7.

We realized that weak home teams actually win more than bookmakers expect. The strategy actually proved to be profitable since if you bet a consistent amount for each bet with 6 odds, you only need 1 win to recoup all your stake. Any subsequent win is pure profit.

It however occurred that we were winning more than once consistently for every 6 sets of bets.

2. The win-draw-win market is overstated

Who in the world told punters that the best betting market is the win-draw-win market? It is not only one of the most unpredictable but also less profitable. The bookmakers have mastered is so much so that they manipulate the odds in their favor.

They also base most of the other betting market odds bases solely on the statistics and algorithms that use the win-draw-win market as the main anchor. This therefore means the other betting markets such as correct score, overs and unders are often misrepresented and have within them hidden opportunities for winning good money at relatively low risk.

There is a reason most professional gamblers and punters prefer other betting markets such as the Asian handicaps and the Euro handicaps as opposed to the 1X2 betting market. Maybe it is time you explore the other betting markets. At sure bet, we do not solely focus on 1X2 predictions. In fact our software are made such that they identify the least risky betting market with the best odds. That way, we ensure our customers get good value for their stakes with least associated risks.

In fact, if you know how to look, you can find a bet with twice as much odds as a win-draw-win odd but with half the risk!

3. Separate emotions from betting

Some people still vote for their favorite teams regardless of the odds, popular opinion or even expert prediction. Just because you love Brazil isn’t reason enough to bet on them when they are facing Germany if all signs indicate that the latter will win. You see, at the end of the day, Brazil won’t refund your bet. Unless you bet purely for fun and not profit making then avoid following your heart and follow your brain instead. Betting is serious business.

4. Do not trust shadowy tipsters

These days there are millions of people out there calling themselves football betting tipsters. Many unemployed youth from across the world have realized that with just a computer and a domain name, they can create websites that appear legitimate and coerce people off their money in the name of providing them with football betting tips and sure bet predictions. What those poor boys do is pick matches and random then send them to unsuspecting punters.

Poor you if you keep your trust in them. I am not denying there are a handful good tipsters out there, but you got to do your homework and find out who they are. Surebet for instance has been a trusted provider of sure bet tips for years and have lots of experience, connections, resources and extremely powerful machine learning and simulation software. All these are used together to provide the best football betting tips in the world. If you can find such tipsters they you are good to go. Otherwise, you better do your own bet and match analysis.

5. Have a betting strategy

It is sad that over 90% of bettors do not have a well identified strategy they use in placing their bets or managing their bankrolls. Most of them just place random stakes on betting sites and wait to win or lose, rinse and repeat the process. If you are one of them then be assured you would not be able to win every time let alone half the time..

Image showing multiplication of money using the Martingale strategy

To really gain profits that are consistent and worthwhile in betting you need a solid strategy. There are hundreds of betting and bankrolling strategies out there that you can find on the internet. You have to learn a few and try each one out religiously then decide the one to stick with.

For instance, I am currently using the Martingale strategy modified for multi bets. In the original martingale strategy, you are supposed to place bets on outcomes that have almost similar but opposing odds of winning or losing. An example is the even or odd market. You therefore choose let us say odd number of goals and consistently place that bet for every match you bet on.

If let us say you start out with a stake of 100 and you win, the next bet will also be the same amount 100. However if you lose, you double the next stake to 200. If you win this time you revert back to 100. If you lose again you increase the stake to 400 and so on and so forth.

Instead of using the original version, I decided to use it on multi bets with high odds obtained from Surebet.

This way, I am able to recoup any lost bet (which rarely occur) by doubling the stake for the next bet. This makes this strategy very profitable. What is your strategy? If you do not have any, let me know in the comment section or send me an email so that I can share my experience on strategies with you and even send you some spreadsheet templates for various strategies.

6. Women football matches have fewer surprises

This is a betting tips that is actually too good to be free. You can’t find this easily anywhere on the internet. Maybe most betting professionals have been so slow to realize the gold-mine that exists in women football leagues.

Regardless, whenever you see a women team underscored as clear favorites with odds of less than 1.5, be sure that team will end up winning the match. Besides, the number of draws in women soccer matches is shockingly law. It is as though, once a women’s team is already strong, the weaker team has no means to get around that fact and turn the tables. This is therefore a market you can choose a number of teams from to form a multi bet.

A good number of Surebet site predictions are from women leagues, and for good reason as you can see.

Did I mention that women soccer matches are by far more likely to end in over 2.5 goals as compared to men’s soccer matches? I thought you should know.

7. Take advantage of in-bet betting/live betting

I mentioned before that seasoned betting professionals love Asian handicap predictions and Euro handicap predictions. What I did not mention is that they also love in-bet or live betting. The reason is simple, the odds before and after a match starts can be drastically different. Take an example where a match, Liverpool vs Norwich, is playing and the odds are 10:1. This means Norwich have a slight chance of ever winning this match. Do you know what happens to the live odds if Norwich were first to score?

The odds would immensely reduce to about 3:1. Let us assume you had placed a bet on Norwich before the match started. At this point, you can also lace a live bet on Liverpool and by so doing, you would lock in a profit whether Liverpool or Norwich won the match.

This is a strategy that need good planning and consistency in terms of being able to watch the game or the odds online. If you have plenty of time on your side, try this live betting strategy coupled with prior betting for the weaker team and every time the weaker team scores first, you lock in a profit whatever the outcome.

8. Handicaps are still King, make them your preferred market

I have been burning to tell Surebet fans about this. The tested and proven betting market that can make your betting endeavors more profitable and enjoyable are the handicaps.

Both Asian and European handicaps not only come with attractive conditions for winning or losing but are also the only market where you can get back some of your stake even if your favorite team lost the match. Imagine a situation where you win a bet if your team wins, draws or loses by 2 goals only. It therefore means you only lose the bet if your team loses by a goal difference of 3 goals or more. How appealing!

Besides, the odds in the handicap section are often considerably higher than the odds on the win-draw-win or 1X2 market. I repeat this once more, that there is a reason betting experts prefer handicaps over any other football betting market. If you are not familiar with them, I have prepared a step by step guide to understanding each and every detail of the Euro handicaps and Asian handicaps.

Visit the articles and see what a gem you have been ignoring for so long. If you thought understanding how handicaps work is hard, you will be in for a rude shock once you realize the truth.

9. Avoid random selections

Many punters might not want to agree with this in public but truth be told, most people actually choose bets randomly. They leave it to fate to decide their profits or loses. Most gamblers just look at odds and click on them, fund the bet and click finish. That is a dangerous way to live dear brother or sister.

This is a wicked world where most systems are designed to fleece you your hard earned money. You would be shocked to know how much money you have lost before to gambling sites due to random selections. I cannot deny we have all done it in the long gone past. In my case I used to do that during my times in college and I almost ended up hating betting.

I however came to realize the importance of doing match analysis and I hope you do too. IN doing your analysis, make sure you leave out human biases and deal with facts on the table. If you have mathematical skills you can do your own probability analysis and come up with scientifically backed conclusions and hence good bets.

Better still use expert bet and match analysis blogs such as Surebet to obtain mathematically sound analysis for bets.

If you can spare a few dollars a month to subscribe to the VIP section of Surebet the better for you.

10. Diversify risk, many bets are better than one

The wise man said do not carry all your eggs in one basket and he was right, especially when it comes to betting. If you have 100 Euros that you want to bet with, It would be foolhardy to place a single bet on a single match for an outcome of 1.35 thinking that those odds are too small and therefore you are assured of 35 dollars profit.

You could be right, however, 100 Euros is worth more than you are making it look like in your folly. The better option would be to place 10 bets worth 10 each. You can select single bets or multi bets with reasonable number of games for each. It is hard to lose all 10 well analyzed bets. Besides, in the case of multi bets, you stand a chance of winning up to 500% profit f you have good matches.

If I were you though, here is how I would use 100 Euros:

· Use 8 Euros to subscribe to Surebet VIP package

· Receive 5 multi bet for almost every category and betting market

· Use the VIP tips to place 5 different bets worth 18 Euros each

· Earn profit of over 500 Euros


Henry, wherever he is will have to take his time and understand the concepts I have discussed in this article after which I believe he can become a good gambler. I also hope that you become one. It is disheartening to lose bets one after the other.

It is hard to win every day in betting, let alone winning in every bet. Time and technology have proven that home teams win more, some betting markets are overrated and that emotions are not good in betting. Some tipsters are doing a bad job and should not be trusted to help you out in betting. Instead it is better you have your own betting strategy.

We have also seen how predictions for women teams are more predictable.

Go out there and try such games, especially using live betting on them. In order to win every day in betting you will also need to stop placing random bets and learn new betting markets such as the Asian and Euro handicaps. Do not forget to diversify your bets also.

I wish you well in your betting endeavor.

Remember to bet responsibly. If you have a gambling problem then please visit BeGambleAware.com for help.

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